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Rebecca Jovanova

"I'm proud to have done this healthily & happily"
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Client from Blakehurst

Before Rebecca Jovanova (before)
After Rebecca Jovanova (after)

Truthfully I've never really been a big woman or ridiculously unhealthy, but after giving birth my once flatter tummy just turned into jelly- literally. I spent my whole life savings on my wardrobe that no longer fit me. I had a baby who liked to 'sing' ALOT and a house that strangely did not look after itself. Everyday tasks like showers and simple beauty routines did not exist. Exercise and healthy eating seemed too hard at any time of the day. A happy baby was the only goal, oh and at least 1 hr of shut eye in the day. 11 months later-YES 11 months. I realised a happy kid needed a happy Mum not lost in all things baby. So 13 weeks ago I decided to begin my 'get fit' journey with Vision Personal Training Blakehurst. I chose Vision because of the positive feedback I received from a close family member who had benefited from the program immensely. My awesome Personal Trainer taught me to eat 5 meals a day (yes it's possible, even with a baby!) and I now enjoy training for at least 1 hour, 5/6 days a week. I train before and after my girl is asleep so I don't miss any time with her, and maintain some level of an acceptable family pad. If you had asked me a year ago whether I could do this, I probably would have laughed then cried at the thought. But the hardest part about my journey was the choice to do better to feel better. Once I took that first step Vision provided the support, education and motivation to keep me going. I now look forward to my 'me' time and especially enjoy the Group Training where exercise becomes fun! I may not have a greatest 6 pack of all time (yet!), but I'm proud to have done this healthily & happily and I'm certainly on my way to a fitter me #mumsrock


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