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Luis Ricardo Morales

"Vision has changed my life."
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Client from Blakehurst

Before Luis Morales (before)
After Luis Morales (after)

I have been a member of Vision Personal Training for the past 4 years.

I can finally say that Vision has changed my life in many different ways, I have tried to lose weight so many times, but I was never successful.

It was until this time that I have tried to battle an illness called gout, which is a high level of uric acid in the blood stream, causing swelling in the joints. I entered the nine week challenge believing in myself, and that I was going to be successful because I was totally DETERMINED TO LOSE WEIGHT.

Vision has helped me to improve my eating habits, exercise and the way of thinking.

I can now help others around me with the same weight issues and inspire them with my own personal experience.

Thankyou Vision for everything you have done for me and I intend to keep working with my weight program and improve myself to become a better person.

A very special thanks to my Personal Trainer who rang and messaged me every day including weekends to make sure I was staying on track and positive.



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