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We’ve got your back, and your mindset. We place a big focus on ongoing goal setting and accountability to ensure you’re set up for success.
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We’ve got your back and your mindset.

Here at Vision, we know emotions are the driving force behind a lot of what we do as humans and more importantly, why.
Changing your mindset and behaviour will ensure your results are sustainable for life, we promise you it is not as hard as it sounds. 
We therefore place a big focus on ongoing goal setting and accountability that ensures you’re set up for success before beginning any program with us.

You need to be “Ready” and “Set” before committing to “Go”

The Ready, Set, Go principle is a simple yet effective tool in determining your readiness to change and in turn how likely you are to achieve your goals. We want to ensure we’re setting you up for success right from the start.
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Access to helpful questionnaires

To begin this process, you can gain access to our 8 critical questionnaires in the MyVision app which is a great tool to understanding whether you are in fact, ready and set. Your answers will help your Trainer guide you to success.
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Receive the Ready, Set, Go book

Another critical part of our program is our Ready, Set, Go book that you will receive as part of your Starter Kit. It is a great resource to getting you started on your journey as well as a great reference point along your journey.
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A coach who is always in your corner

To assist and guide you through your health and wellness journey are our incredible Personal Trainers.  Our teams are committed to coaching you with one on one support, guidance and accountability to help you achieve and maintain long term results, both mentally and physically.

Your home away from home

The last piece of the puzzle is finding a community, where you feel comfortable, welcome and at home. 
Here at Vision, we’re certainly more than just a gym, we’re a family. You will find yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals who constantly support and lift each other up and you will be surprised at the impact that has on you. 
We’re your home away from home.