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Michele Michel

" I have achieved feats I never dreamt I was capable of."
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Client from Blakehurst

Before Michele Michel (before)
After Michele Michel (after)

It was 10 years ago that I first started at Vision Personal Training Caringbah - and 9 years of that I have had the same trainer, Shane. (He tried to lose me a few years ago by moving to Blakehurst - but I followed him there.)

He likes to tell people that I started out at something like 150kg- but the truth is I was just a chubby, unfit Mum- having spent many years churning out and raising 3 little kids. With a dress size that kept increasing with every birthday.

When my youngest started school it was time to regain some ME time.

The beep test was mandatory back then- I struggled to reach a 3. The only running I had been doing was running errands.

Eating was something I just did… paying little attention to balance and actual nutritional value.

Macros- What the Fudge were they?

Cardio- wasn't that just another word for heart?

Well things changed over the years and I have achieved feats I never dreamt I was capable of.

Along with dropping a few kilos. Shane and his team made me believe that numerous events were now within my grasp…block runs, 5 km Oatley Fun Run , 8 km Mothers Day Classic, 9 km Blackmores Bridge Run, 11 km Sutherland to Surf , 20 km Bike ride leg in a triathlon, Mud Run, Tough Bloke, Tough Mother, ….even a Half Marathon. And the big one for my 50th birthday…Vision helped me prepare for the huge challenge of successfully completing the Kakoda Trail.

The journey has never been smooth, as the hiccups in life provide a never ending supply of excuses. It has been a journey of ups and downs- Down in weight, up in fitness: Up in weight, down in self esteem. Down in exercise, up in health risks. Up in bad food, down in energy.

Then last year I faced two different kinds of challenges- Firstly trying to adapt to a new menopausal metabolism, and my beautiful daughter developed chronic dietary condition. The treatment must be done as a family for support, so along with little to no exercise, the concept of low fat, low sugar foods were not an option…it was a case of 'bring on the carbs' !!.

We gradually started to gain weight. Hers- we rejoiced in. Mine- not so much.

Thankfully she has recovered well, and for me, this year's weight loss challenge was perfect timing for me to get back in shape too.

Shane was fabulous- in his understanding that my weight/fitness was to be put on the back burner for a while and also in his support and encouragement to get me back where I wanted to be. There is no secret to success- just the tried and proven Vision regime…

Setting regular goals being kept accountable every week… with alcohol, exercise and nutrition- it is that which has helped me achieve the results I needed.

I am loving the fitness and strength levels I have achieved and have used them to satisfy my passion and go trekking as often as I can- this year the challenge was the Wild Endurance … a tough 50km race through the Blue Mountains….a solid day of hills, rain , mud, creek crossings…and did I mention hills!!

Basically it's never too late to start and a set back doesn't mean you have to keep going backwards. According to the dictionary, Vision means "the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom".


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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