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Elizabeth Farbman

Healthier, happier and excited for what's next!
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Client from Bondi Junction

Elizabeth Farbman (after)

I can truly say that Vision Personal Training Bondi Junction has changed my life.

After about a year of abusing food, being lazy and inactive, I honestly thought that there was no going back. Little did I know that it would all change when I walked into Vision for the first time.  Everyone welcomed me with open arms and helped me set out goals that impacted my whole life, not just health and fitness.

The encouraging environment, friendly trainers and the little community I have become a part of has given me the support and motivation to lose weight, become stronger and feel better about myself in every way! My results after 9 weeks have been incredible and helped me realise how strong and healthy, I have become and can be in the future.

Vision makes me excited to work hard, invest in myself and create beneficial habits. I always feel comfortable and supported and I cannot wait to keep progressing to be at my absolute best in the future! Vision has bettered my lifestyle, habits, physical and mental health and I am so happy that I stepped in for that first consultation.

For anyone that feels as though they aren't has healthy as they should be, I highly recommend Vision Bondi Junction. They really turned my life around and I certainly believe they can do the same for you too!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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