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Why Vision?

Our holistic and personal approach to health and well-being allows you to achieve sustainable, long term results with small, easy steps.
Why Vision Hero
Why Vision Hero

Our four pillars of transformation

We approach training as a long-term lifestyle change, not a high-intensity fad with short term impacts. Mindset, knowledge, nutrition, fitness – In that order. Achieving long terms goals calls for a complete approach.
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We’ve got your back, and your mindset. We place a big focus on ongoing goal setting and accountability to ensure you’re set up for success.
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We provide you with the right tools, expertise and knowledge to help you reach your goals, such as shopping tours and seminars, plus much more
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Good nutrition. To us, it’s more important than exercise. We place a big focus on creating personalised and sustainable nutritional plans.
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Genuine support. With personalised one-on-one training in Studio or Online, your trainer will design an exercise program to suit you and only you.

We’re a team of certified experts

You will be supported with the best trainers in the fitness industry who are dedicated to helping you achieve sustainable, long term behavioural and lifestyle changes.

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We’re a family

We’re more than just a ‘gym’, we’re a family. Each studio is a warm and welcoming environment where everyone knows your name, and like-minded individuals’ lift each other up. 

The Vision Promise

If you follow your program completely for your first 9 weeks and do not achieve the agreed result, we will not only give your money back, we will train you for free until you achieve what you set out to. That's the Vision promise.

Looking for a studio near you?

Looking for a community of like-minded individuals? The change you’re looking for could be right around the corner.