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Wade Tubman

My friends see the change Vision has had on my life and are now inspired themselves.
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Client from Willoughby

Before Wade Tubman (before)
After Wade Tubman (after)

"Like many professionals, I have spent most of the last 2 decades in front of a computer. Being time poor and "diet poor", my fitness ended up poor. As I entered my 40's the scales entered the 90's. I wasn't motivated to exercise and had no time or interest in a gym. I didn't even own a pair of sneakers. 

Vision Willoughby donated a personal training package to our kids' school, and I bought it to support a good cause, but also saw it as an opportunity to not be puffed every time I played with the kids.

I am embarrassed to say that I bought my first gym clothes at Kmart because I thought I would only use them a couple of times before quitting (that's how gyms work, right?). Vision's education and personalised approach to fitness was a wakeup call to me. They encouraged me to tackle my waistline with diet and exercise (novel, eh?). I was motivated to complete my food diary and became much more mindful of what I was eating. I struck up new habits of healthy morning and afternoon teas which helped me kick snacking. The personal program of weights made me enjoy something I had previously been averse to and the fun and friendly cross-training groups help me to push myself, even when I struggled from the first set.

I now see the trainers as part of my extended family, offering me encouragement and advice, and recognising my personal achievements. From my first apprehensive visit with Jamie to Vision a year ago, I now am disappointed if I don't fit all my personal and group sessions in for a week. Vision is such an enjoyable place that I recently squeezed my session with Alex in on the way to the airport to Singapore, and then came directly back to the studio from the red-eye flight 3 days later for my next session! I now even have the courage to take on the lunchtime fitness junkies at the office.

Over a 6 month period Jamie helped me shed 20 years and 20kg of weight gain, with noticeable results in the first 9 weeks. I no longer felt the need to wear my shirts untucked and rashies at indoor pools to hide my paunch. Now with Alex I am proud of my new wardrobe - including the 4 pairs of runners! I now not only keep up with kids, I encourage them to try and beat me. My wife saw my transformation and was encouraged to pursue her own fitness goals.

My friends see the change Vision has had on my life and are now inspired themselves - I get asked whether hummus is any good, and how to maintain nutritious habits. A few have even started their own Vision journey…"

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