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Mimma Iannelli

8kg lost and a new level of confidence!
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Client from Five Dock

Mimma Iannelli (after)

Starting my fitness journey all started with "wanting to lose a few extra kilos".  It was August 2017 and I had recently finished my chemo treatments and felt like I needed to lose the last kilos reminding me of 'that time' in my life.


Choosing Vision (I hate to say) was a bit of a fluke. I received a pamphlet in the mail which offered 2 weeks free - I had never stepped into a gym my whole life. I thought, there was nothing to lose with a free trial... then the addiction started. I started at 2 days a week with my goal being to lose 5 kgs of the old me, and to build strength so I make sure I would be around for ever! I ended up losing 8kg so far into my journey and have managed to keep it all off!


I used to go for walks and that was pretty much it. I rolled my eyes at the runners who wooshed past me with their head sets in pounding the pavement. Then Albert my trainer came along and wanted to know my goals. Albert quickly understood my goals and knew what I wanted to achieve- I was quickly doing squats, lunges, lifting weights, rowing, push ups (which I still hate until today) and now deadlifts, not to mention all the other sorts of movements I didn't even know existed. 


I could see that my goal was Albert's goal and I felt supported every step of the way. There wasn't a day I stepped into the gym and didn't know that being there meant giving it 100%. If I was having a bad day, I knew that Albert was going to be there to push out the last few reps.


My biggest achievement to date has been completing The Mother's Day Classic (8km) 2 years in a row, raising funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation and crossing the finish lines with times, times I keep running to try and beat.  The team at Vision provided all the support needed to be prepared for the run.


What I have learnt to date is so invaluable, the food, the weights, the science behind how your body works. Knowing 'how to' was probably the most valuable part of my journey. If I didn't have the guidance and education, I would probably still be reading the low-fat labels thinking that would be enough.


Training at Vision has given me so much confidence. Not so much about my body, but about knowing how to live a healthy life moving forward. People say that it takes 8 weeks to notice a change, but the biggest change for me was my head space. Health and fitness has given me an outlet to release the stress from the daily grind. 


I'm passionate about my fitness and health and encourage anyone thinking about it, to give it a go... let's face it- with a 2-week trial, what have you got to lose... I know for sure I have achieved the best me for a healthy life ahead.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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