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Dominic Bartolio

Health and Fitness is now a Lifestyle
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Client from Five Dock

Dominic Bartolio (after)


Having enjoyed sport when I was young, the older I got the less time I made for myself and I let my fitness go. I prioritized everyone else's needs before my own and wasn't interested in working out. When I started training with Dom at Vision Personal Training I was looking to get back on top of my personal health and fitness and get motivated. So, I wasn't wasting my time in the gym, I wanted someone to show me how to work out properly. Training with Dom, I met my match, he quickly worked out how to challenge me and no two workouts have been the same, I mean they have just got better and better.   After six months of training my physical and mental health has never been better. I have lost weight, gained muscle, feel driven and manage stress better. Most of all, I look forward to my workouts at Vision and with Dom. Not only have I found a great Trainer but I count Dom as a friend.

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