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Josie Dadd

Back to pre-baby weight and entered into 5 fun runs for 2018!
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Client from Willoughby

Josie Dadd (after)

I joined with Vision in 2016. Originally, I just wanted to increase my fitness, I found Vision appealing due to its Personal Training concept, if I didn't have someone to push me along and keep me on track, I knew I wouldn't achieve my goal solo, as I was a terrible runner and really didn't like weight training. A couple of months into my training program with my Trainer Tom, I fell pregnant with my third child. I continued training but after my first trimester my body was not responding well so I put a halt on my training for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Shortly after getting back on my feet, I was keen to work off my baby weight, especially after it being my third child and knowing how tough it was from previous experience. I had set a date to resume training with Tom, so when I received the call, we were back training! After just 18 weeks of training hard and tracking my food, I had lost the whole 12.5kg I gained and returned to my pre-baby weight and training harder than ever.

Not only had I hit the goals I set for my post pregnancy training, I soon after enrolled in my first ever fun run, the 14km city to surf. Having never been too into running I loved the vibe and challenge. Just 14 months after the birth of my baby, I have enrolled in 5 fun runs in 2018 alone and am looking at hitting a personal best in the Blackmores 10km fun run!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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