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Jodie Panagopoulos

Stronger, fitter, never felt better!
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Client from Five Dock

Jodie Panagopoulos (after)

My name is Jodie Panagopoulos and I joined the Vision group around 10 months ago. It started with a suggestion from a friend to undertake strength training with the aim to improve my ability to competitively row. I already led a pretty healthy lifestyle, I ate well and exercised regularly, so was a little unsure of what I expected to gain from personal training. Demas and Albert gave me the ability to put my goals into words, provided a realistic framework to achieve them and has kept me accountable each week. With regular weights training and some changes to my diet I have really never felt better. I am stronger, have more stamina and recover quicker from events than I did before. I've also managed to score a couple of medals too!!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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