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Hamish Evans

20kg gain & ran my first half marathon!
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Client from Willoughby

Before Hamish Evans (before)
After Hamish Evans (after)

I started training at Vision Willoughby in 2016 when I was 12 years old. I'd been in hospital that year with meningitis and I'd lost a lot of weight and strength. When I finally recovered, I needed to work on my fitness for school rowing trials. My Mum trains at Vision so she signed me up. It was hard at first but after a while I started to enjoy coming in and that year, I made my schools rowing team. My trainer Tom helps me with flexibility and strength and has encouraged me to gain weight. I am 193cm and weighed 63kg last year; now I'm 84kg! This year I ran a half marathon with my Personal Trainer and the extra strength training has made me a stronger rower. What I like about coming to Vision is the community, all of the trainers are really friendly, encouraging and nice. If you'd asked me when I was 12 if I'd get this far with my fitness, I'd never have believed you! My Personal Trainer Tom and Vision Willoughby have encouraged me to push myself beyond what I thought was possible.

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