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Emily Meller

15kg Weight Loss
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Client from Mosman

Emily Meller (after)

Growing up I was lucky to be naturally slim but also naturally lazy! Team sports meant that I could keep up with the cardio, but my strength, I couldn't do a push-up if you paid me. Five years ago, I met my partner and settled into a happy, yet carb & wine heavy routine where I gained around 10 kg without even really realising.

A year ago, we got engaged and I was forced with some harsh realities. I wasn't happy with my health or the way I looked and certainly wasn't happy to put on a wedding dress! I was at the heaviest I had ever been, I started tagging along to Vision group classes with some friends and after taking a real liking to boxing, I decided to join.

A year later, I am ecstatic to say I am 14 kgs down and stronger/fitter than I have ever been - I even like push-ups now. Vision has taught me so much about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and what's better has made exercise fun for me. Thank you so much to everyone at Vision for all your help!


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