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David Winning

Fittest and lightest I have been in my adult life!
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David Winning (after)

I started my Vision journey back in 2014 after returning from a very indulgent trip to Europe. I started a business shortly after returning from overseas and knew that if I wanted to be able to perform at my best in work and life, I'd need to be a lot fitter and healthier than I was. I joined a group fitness class at my local park that met twice a week but ultimately felt I wasn't progressing as quickly as I'd like and, at the time, wasn't aware of how much nutrition plays a big part in achieving your weight/fitness goals. I made the decision that I needed a personal trainer primarily for accountability but also to feel like I had more skin in the game. Around that time, I moved to Willoughby and decided that I would give Vision a go. I was drawn in by the 9-week challenge and thought I had nothing to lose. Over that 9-week period I lost close to 10kgs, was motivated to drop alcohol and other vices that were holding me back from my goals and learnt a lot about nutrition through the food diary and managing macros. After a short break from Vision over the summer period (and realising I was never going to be able to do it alone) I re-joined Vision and haven't looked back. I was teed up to train with Ash and straight away noticed the improvement in my wellbeing and fitness. Ash has been a driving force in pushing me to achieve new goals, gym PBs and to feel motivated about achieving nutritional outcomes too. I now look at 'less nutritional' foods as rewards for a solid week rather than just getting through the day. We also work hard on maintaining long-term goals including running a half marathon in May next year with short term outcomes to keep on track and to feel accomplishment. Today I am the fittest and lightest I've been in my adult life and couldn't be happier for it.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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