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Brian Julien

I am loving life!
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Five Dock

Before Brian Julien (before)
After Brian Julien (after)

I stated my weight loss journey in April 2013. I weighed 123.5kg, and had many physical and mental problems associated with this.

Having lost some weight from walking and a slight change to evening meals, I joined Vision Personal Training Five Dock in August 2013 at 107.2kg.  My Trainer has been a God-send.  I've now taken control of my exercise and food (I eat more now than I ever did, only better), and now I look forward to my Personal Training sessions.  With Alec's help, and the inspiration and support of my family, I have shed a total of 44kg, weighing less than I have for the last 16 years, and reshaped my frame to wear the clothes I've longed to wear with confidence.  I am loving life!

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