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Barbara Watkins

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Client from Mosman | Trainer: Sarah Houston


My Vision Journey started some years ago in another part of Sydney. When I moved to into the area at the end of 2018 it was only natural that I would look for a Vision close to home. Little did I know that when I walked into Vision Mosman and ran into Sarah, my now coach, that my life would change as it has.

I was looking to up my exercise goals but it wasn’t until I started to train with Sarah that I realised I could do so much more than I thought possible. She pushed me at the gym to try harder exercises always correcting my form and supporting my small wins. With her encouragement and inspiration I was able to not only reach many of my goals but surpass them.

Not only did I lose the kilos I wanted but I put on a kg of muscle in the process! With Sarah’s encouragement I set a goal to start running again and completed both the City2Surf and the Blackmore’s in good time, running the whole way for both (except for Heartbreak Hill of course).

Even during COVID when many gave up their gym time Sarah was there at the other end of the Zoom feed, pushing me to complete my reps and stay focused. I am grateful to Sarah, Joey and the whole Vision Mosman team for their joy and energy and for the support and inspiration they have given me on my journey so far. I look forward to my next steps.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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