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Yushani Lokuge

I have won my battle with Arthritis!
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Client from Castle Hill

Before Yushani Lokuge (before)
After Yushani Lokuge (after)

When I first joined Vision a little over two years ago, I had severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and feeling down and miserable due to physical pain. I was not able to work and had to suspend work due to my Arthritis. I also had muscle weakness in my thighs and could not raise myself out of a sofa. I was taking 10-12 tablets daily including steroids and suffered bad inflammation.

I remember at our first meeting my Trainer saying not to expect miracles and that they were not doctors, but something kept saying that I will feel better if I put effort into it. I opted to do three sessions with my Trainer on a weekly basis. Half way through my journey after losing 13kg, I felt I was losing my battle since the inflammation was getting worse and I had a lot of side effects due to the medication I was taking. I was going to give up and quit my Vision journey at that point, though my Trainer gave me a helping hand to find my way. He believed in me through positive thinking and I am ever so grateful to him today, as he was confident I could do it. He has helped me to get over my addiction to sweets and also with my daily food diary. The support of my immediate family, I have achieve what I am today, having lost a total of 25kg.

I feel healthy, energetic and confident. Exercise is now a part of my life, I have replaced my daily medication with exercise and feel so happy that I have won my battle with Arthritis. I have also recommenced my work which I had temporarily suspended due to the pain. My doctors are all shocked with my transformation and recovery. I am in total control of myself and feel fantastic.

I have realized that anyone has the potential to implement change if the effort is put in. I have learnt to be grateful and appreciative of everything that has happened to me over the two years I have been with my Vision family and I am so very blessed to have found them since they have done wonders to my life.

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