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Teresa Brandau Stranks

Lost over 20kgs and ran a half marathon
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Client from Camberwell

Before Teresa Brandau-stranks (before)
After Teresa Brandau-stranks (after)

It's a familiar story for a lot of mums that want to lose weight after gaining it from having a child - this was me!  My weight slowly crept on after 20+ years of eating to excess and also enjoying alcohol and celebrations way too much! I was determined to lose some weight when my daughter announced her engagement and then marriage in the space of a year - wow how was I going to do that! I went on a 2 shake a day regime which in hindsight was not the right one for me but I managed to lose some 8 kilos before the wedding.

After a trip to Europe and celebrating our daughter's wedding I jumped on the scales and realised I had so much more to lose to feel healthy and fit again. I was lucky to go to a Women's Networking meeting that same week and I met this amazing and loud Scottish woman who looked fit, healthy and happy! I approached her at the end of the meeting, and she introduced herself as Leigh-Ann Scott from Vision Personal Training Camberwell.  I am thinking at this moment, oh no I don't like personal training, but I had never tried it but was sceptical.  I organised a catch-up at the Studio and was very impressed, Leigh-Ann was saying all the right words and one phrase that has stuck with me was "we can help you turn back the clock".  Now I was interested, I was coming up to my 56th birthday and I wanted to feel younger, fit into some nice clothes - so I started!

I had a slower start than some as I thought I knew it all when it came to activity and food as I had always eaten healthy food but too much of it! As I progressed and started losing the weight my belief became stronger and even better when I was able to have John Ranada as my Trainer - he has changed my mindset, body and belief in myself! We had a frank discussion one day when I was not really fully engaged in the program and after having a Bioscan coupled with the "talk", I realised that I needed to be more serious about my training!

My journey has been fantastic, and I am now a member of a lovely and friendly community with people that care about my progress, my achievements and also when I am having a bad day which is not often now! I am now another 20 kilos down and feeling amazing, running and participating in events I never thought possible - even Spartan! The community that Leigh-Ann and Phil have created is magical, special and I am so grateful I met Leigh-Ann that day and share business networking with Phil! Vision Personal Training works and I tell everyone about it!

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