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Jacquie Lilly

I am now feeling the best I’ve felt in years!

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Client from Camberwell | Trainer: Alex Mattei

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I initially saw a post on Instagram where I saw someone I knew. This must have resonated with me at the right time as it piqued my interest and I started looking further. I had recently returned from a wonderful European holiday heavier than I would have liked and was feeling frustrated with tighter clothing and a lack of fitness. At the same time, I had some dear friends experiencing some health problems that they had no control over. I decided it was time for me to get a grip and get fitter and healthier to be the best version of myself.

I called Vision and spoke with Leigh-Ann who immediately made time for me to visit the same day ( I think before I had time to change my mind)

Once I signed up, I committed to attending three times weekly with my new trainer Alex.

I won’t say I’m committed to exercise and I had never really done weights but I very soon started to look forward to coming each week. I particularly love the food app where I log my daily food plan to satisfy the ‘macros’ I need to have each day. I couldn’t believe how much I could eat each day and I very rarely felt hungry. It’s amazing to look at food differently to manage eating the right combinations to promote a steady weight loss that is sustainable and manageable. I have had a steady weight loss since I started and have now lost 13kg!

My trainer Alex really suits me as he has a great sense of humor, is super interested in me and my life and is very encouraging. He is very ‘down to earth’ pushes me without arrogance and allows me to use equipment within the limitations of some health concerns I have. We share a love of cooking and often spend the session discussing what we’re cooking whilst pushing and pulling weights. Alex is very aware that cardio is not my preference and encourages me to only do what I enjoy and that any movement is better than none. I have recently turned 60 and retired so need to stay strong and fit to ward off the health problems associated with aging and weight gain.

I wanted this new change to my lifestyle to be consistent but to be a balance too. I usually don’t log my food on the days of the week that I socialise,dine out, and drink alcohol. I have managed to maintain a steady weight loss by managing really strictly most days but allowing myself to enjoy some wine and non-macro friendly food on others. I now have a really healthy relationship with food, lifestyle, and commitment to the program.

Since joining Vision, I have had a greater understanding about food composition and also the importance of regular weights to maximize strength, balance, and fitness. My GP is pleased with a lower blood pressure and cholesterol reading. I have never been so fit and enjoy walking faster and longer than ever before.

The Vision team is very supportive, friendly and welcoming. They are determined that everyone has a great experience and try to forge new connections and friendships with other clients. There is absolutely no arrogance or competition apart from with yourself. My success has actually inspired my husband who has ditched his 1:1 personal training in a park and has recently joined and loves the atmosphere and friendliness at Vision.

I am now feeling the best I’ve felt in years, wearing clothes several sizes smaller and enjoy a fitness that I hope to maintain in my future.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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