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Shahan Priamo

"I am in my happy place when I walk through the door and up those stairs and couldn't be more grateful."
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Client from Camberwell | Trainer: Isaac Bartels

Before Shahan-Before
After Shahan-After

Since joining us here at Vision Camberwell back in October 2022, Shahan has been committed to achieving her health and fitness goals. Shahan had a weight loss of 11.3kg in the first 5 months and dropped her visceral fat by an impressive 7 points.

Shahan has been consistent with her food and feels empowered now that she has expanded her knowledge on nutrition.

Shahan's secret has been her consistency when hitting her macros every day and ensures she prioritises time in her busy schedule to do 2 x 30min weight sessions with her Trainer, Isaac. Shahan also loves joining in our our group training sessions, especially boxing.

Shahan is feeling the best she ever has now that she has made herself a priority, after so many years of putting her family's needs before her own.

We are so grateful that Shahan has allowed us to be a part of her health and fitness journey. We are so proud of what she has achieved and the new found confidence she has gained in the process.

The life long friendships she has created in the studio has been a bonus!

"Incredibly humbled by, and working on appreciating an unexplored pride I am beginning to feel, for all the amazing and unwavering encouragement and support I feel being welcomed into the Vision family back in October 2022.

Be it Isaac, Bram or any of the amazing trainers or the beautiful friends I now have the fun of training alongside (especially at boxing), each of us are on our own unique, yet shared journeys.

I am in my happy place when I walk through the door and up those stairs and couldn't be more grateful"

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*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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