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Neil Young

14 months down the track and I’ve lost almost 11kg, also drastically improved my health.
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Client from Camberwell | Trainer: Bram Van kopplen

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Like a lot of people, I came out of the year of lockdowns a lot heavier and unhappier than when I went in. After a seemingly mild bout of COVID I developed some breathing and heart issues. The resulting rounds of tests then revealed other issues. Each result came with that line from the Doctor "it's nothing serious, but at your age..." My cholesterol was up, bone density down, my breathing wasn’t great and there was too much fat around my organs.

I saw this as a sign that I needed to do something and make some changes. I had tried gyms and group training before and had never really enjoyed it or felt comfortable.

That’s when I saw the ad for Vision aimed at 50+ men. Thanks to the fantastic support and encouragement of my Trainer, I very quickly found my confidence and rhythm and once I started to see visible results, I really went for it. I’m 14 months down the track and I’ve lost almost 11kg, and I’ve drastically improved my health. My cholesterol and bone density are both back in the normal range. My visceral fat is reduced, and my stamina and actual physical strength have increased.

And I’m really enjoying it.

It can all seem really daunting at first being exposed to all the new (to me) information about training, types of food and healthy eating patterns, but all the Vision trainers are supportive, understanding and VERY patient. I can’t lie, planning your food and tracking your macros in the App was a real struggle at the very start but, again, with a lot of encouragement and support from the Vision team it quickly become second nature. It seems rather obvious, but the more you use the App the quicker and easier it all becomes.

The Vision team taught me that the key is persistence, preparation (get some little scales and a lot of various sized food containers) and keeping to a regular routine. With regards to the actual training, my Trainers were really encouraging and patient. You’re not forced to do anything you really dislike, but they will push you to ensure you do get something out of it.

Actually, on a daily basis I now eat more and more regularly. I’m just more aware of what I’m eating and know how to make better choices, especially when dining out. I’m not here to live like a monk or punish myself, so if I do enjoy the occasional big meal out or bottle of wine, I’m now equipped with knowledge on how to compensate the next day or so.

My sleep has improved and physically I just “feel” better; I don’t groan or sigh every time I bend over or crouch down. My confidence has improved as I can wear clothes that don’t look like a sack and people have really noticed the physical changes.

The training with Vision has also helped me develop a better mental outlook. Like I said earlier, it’s not about living to a strict draconian regime or punishing yourself every time you enjoy, an often well-deserved, G&T or don’t hit the exact weight goal you wanted.

You need to be kind to yourself and celebrate the wins however big or small, sometimes just getting to your training session early in the morning when it’s pouring with rain is an achievement.

Training with Vision is different to anything I’ve tried before. It really feels like a friendly and supportive community. The Trainers are very friendly and always say hello when you walk in, and the other members/clients are equally friendly and chatty and everybody is supportive and willing to share their knowledge or own personal journey. This makes training with Vision an enjoyable and fun experience, that helps you achieve real results.

I can’t recommend the Vision experience highly enough!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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