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Sue Smith

Lost over 26kgs and became a Spartan!
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Client from Camberwell

Before Sue Smith (before)
After Sue Smith (after)

I've lost weight before - in 2012 I broke my leg and realised how precious mobility is: in 2013 I made it back to 83kg. But in 2016 I lost my cousin to depression and I wondered why bother for a while. In 2017 I was sitting at 115kg. It was 2018 and my 30th Wedding Anniversary was looming. My husband had planned a big holiday and my thoughts were; how was I going to fit into those lovely long dresses for the cruise….?  My doctor gave me hunger suppression tablets for a while, but I knew that this was only short term.

There is knowing and then there is doing - I had to act. I had to look beyond the self-pressure, binge eating, guilt trip I was on… and just turn up! One morning I saw Phil outside the door of Vison PT Camberwell; I walked past, stopped and turned around - I knew that only a trainer could get me to where I wanted to go. I signed up and got right into it… in fact I was too enthusiastic at first - I had to stop turning up to all of the classes! It's amazing how the food program is matched to the exercise program... you can't help but lose fat. Weights training with John is fun and challenging.  I like routine, so I made it work for me. I could set up my daily food plan in the morning and know how I was tracking at any time through the day. I started going to run club on Saturday mornings and thought I would die, but instead I started to find the rhythm of running - which was a revelation to me! Don't get me wrong - I'm no angel - I would sneak a few treats every now and then; sometimes you get away with it and most times not. Vision trains your whole body; all around fitness, which means you can take on or try out a lot of things.

The Vision community gets you across the line. We took on Urban Spartan last year and one year on I feel strong! I have lost 26kg, run 10km races and am under 80kg! The paradigm of what I thought I could achieve has been challenged again and again. Health is not a short term fad; I plan on seeing where it takes me….

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