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Sally Kremer

10kg fat loss and a brand new lifestyle with sustainable nutrition!
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Sally Kremer (after)
I thought I was quite active, exercising a few times a week and playing netball but the weight just seemed to creep on. I 'won' a 9 week membership to Vision in the silent auction at my primary school and I'm not looking back. 
The nutrition was a game changer for me. I stuck to the macros and food diary quite strictly with accelerator days. I like that I can still enjoy a glass of wine within the macros and the nutrition plan has now become a lifestyle choice. 
I look forward to my training sessions with AP, he has been so supportive and motivating on my journey. If I doubted achieving my goals, his unwavering belief pulled me back on track. I really enjoy the social time with Ash and the girls in the group training session. I'm having fun, the staff are great, I'm making friends and I'm getting results. I have passed my initial weight loss goal and heading towards the next, I feel stronger, fitter and achieving things I never dreamed I could. You have to be happy with that! Thank you AP and Vision! 

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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