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Natalie Craig

Strength and fitness regained… and then some!
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Success Story Page Header

Client from St Leonards | Trainer: Maria Papas

Before Natalie-Before
After Natalie-After

When I joined Vision Crows Nest in mid-2018, I had just finished 9 months of treatment for a life-threatening illness, which included major surgery and then a difficult period of follow up treatment. Just prior to my diagnosis, I had completed my first half marathon and was the most fit I had ever been, but most of that was lost during treatment. I came to Vision looking for a plan to help me regain the strength and fitness that I had lost and try to get my health back as best I could. I could not have asked for a better, more supportive place to restart my health journey. My trainer, Mez, was just brilliant - so understanding and supportive. Just the encouragement I needed to keep pushing myself to get fitter and stronger. Through a combination of strength training, cross training and running, I feel better than ever and my health continues to improve. I have a weight loss goal I'm working towards next and most importantly, continuing to build my collection of animal print active wear!

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