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Mike Gallagher

Prioritising a healthy lifestyle
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Mosman | Trainer: Sarah Houston


I was a member of Vision some years ago before getting wrapped up in the corporate world and we all know that when you get in a rut it's hard to stay in a healthy routine. After losing my job in November last year it was a sink or swim moment and I chose the latter to get back into looking after my health and recovering the fitness I once enjoyed.

Returning to Vision was easy with the same, positive mindset and great encouragement from the whole team at Vision PT Mosman and of course my trainer Jared who has provided excellent support throughout. It wasn't hard to get into a good routine and now 6 months later I feel great and am wearing clothes that were hidden at the back of the cupboard for too long. There is still more to go but now armed with the right mindset and the ongoing support from the Vision Mosman team I feel confident to go the next steps.

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