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Mary Khoury

Fit, Healthy, Energetic, Mental Clarity, Confidence & 21.1km
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Client from Crows Nest

Mary Khoury (after)

My Vision (Crowie) journey started with a simple intention to get my health and fitness back on track. Little did I know that I would gain much more! Reaching my fitness and health goals hasn't been easy but the support of Vision Crowie has made it achievable (and we've had a lot of fun along the way!). The most important achievements were not things I planned or thought about. For one, getting fit and healthy has given me the energy, mental clarity and confidence to tackle life's obstacles (that we all go through), with a positive outlook. Throughout my journey, I've met wonderful people, both fellow trainees and trainers, and have made lifelong friends.

I couldn't have achieved this without the absolute professional expertise of my awesome trainer Mez! Not only does she know what I like and how to push me to my limits, she has given me the confidence to continue to challenge myself with my training. She has gone above and beyond what a trainer is asked of. An example of this is her commitment to helping train for the half-marathon. She also ran the whole course with me, encouraging me, all the while having a smile on her face, taking random photos and cracking jokes along the way (while I'm just trying to remember to This says a lot about the wonderful, positive and kind person that Mez is and I couldn't have asked for anything more in a trainer.

I work out at Vision Crowie because of the positive atmosphere. The trainers encourage and push me to believe I can, even when the journey isn't all smooth sailing.

My time at Vision Crowie has taught me to enjoy the journey and to be kind to yourself.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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