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Mark Macwhite

Feeling Better, Lighter and More Flexible
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Client from Crows Nest

Before Mark MacWhite (before)
After Mark MacWhite (after)

This isn't about massive weight loss or gaining huge strength, this is more about why I joined Vision and why I'm still hanging around a year later.

It hits most of us, especially as we get older. That feeling of I'm getting bigger all the time.  Sometimes I manage to lose some weight here and there, but really as the months, no, years go by I'm just getting heavier. I know, I know, it's because of lack of exercise and what and how much I put into my mouth. Jaysus, leave me alone - I know!

It was time to join Vision which I had heard about through my cousin TC who had trimmed 16kgs and felt that this interesting approach at Vision had really worked. So, myself and my wife, Siobhan, headed down to check out our local Vision in Crows Nest and get some more information.

All I wanted is to feel better about myself, lose weight and keep it off and just be more toned and less stiff. The answer is simple, make healthy food choices and combine it with regular exercise and you are on the right road. That sounds easy enough and we should all be able to do that. 

But what Vision added was a food diary based around how and what you eat combined with half hour PT exercise sessions, and if you wanted you could supplement this with additional exercise by attending group training, burn or bottom line sessions. It's up to you, whatever you put in is what you are going to get out of it. For the first time ever, I started to read how many Carbs, Protein and Fats were in the food I purchase. Were they high or low in sugar? Are they good fats or bad fats? I went on a Vision shopping tour one night with my other half to get a better idea of how I can make healthier food choices.

When you see the serious effort some of my fellow Vision members have put in, it shows you that when you put your mind to it you can do this. When you meet the trainers and experience their commitment and investment in you, then this exercise and eat healthy lark really does begin to take shape and work. The trainers will help you make the transformation you have signed up for if you follow your training and dietary schedules. 

The amount of weight you lose or how strong you become might be important to you. Once you find your thing, then have a crack. Goals can be whatever you want them to be. Your trainer works on defining those goals with you. It's not about what the gym wants but about what you can do and want to do. I've been a member at Vision in Crows Nest for a year now. And I will keep on coming because the commitment I made was purely to lose weight, get toned and then keep my new weight steady and stay toned. I'm no spring chicken so my health is very important to me now. Trouble is, I know I should have done this sooner, I just never really got off my back side and committed to it. And really when it comes to your health then it is worth the investment. Particularly when you make the transformation. And I think at Vision I have transformed myself and will keep on doing this as I like who I am now much more than a year ago.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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