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Lizzie Wood

Happy, healthy weight and running 10km
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Client from St Leonards

Before Lizzie Wood (before)
After Lizzie Wood (after)

I met the lovely Personal Trainer, Mez, in the local cafe near work. We would chat about my current exercise routine and my eating habits, sharing with her that I felt that nothing I was doing at the time was working. I didn't feel too over weight, until I kept breaking my jeans and not being able to fit in old clothes. I realised that more and more I was not feeling like myself so I decided it was time to start with Vision and Mez to get that bit of extra help and guidance to make the changes I needed.

Mez and I sat down and set some realistic goals, including me getting back into my running, watching what I was eating and cutting out alcohol completely. Within the first month I'd dropped a jean size, and then the weight just kept falling off. I went from struggling to run 5km to completing my first 10km, all with Mez by my side constantly cheering me on, and bringing me so much positivity.

Now, I'm at a happy, healthy weight and I feel better than ever about my body and my strength. The team at Vision Crows Nest have become an extension of my family, constantly encouraging me, being there for me when times have got pretty rough, and just making me feel welcome at all times. Vision has been a life changing experience for me, thank you so much guys.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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