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Lana Squires

Now 15 kg lighter and stronger

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Success Story Page Header

Client from Balgowlah | Trainer: Roberta Magnoli


Some people have them, those turning points in life to make changes. Mine was April 23. I was at a really unhealthy stage in my life, and didn’t know where to turn. I had been to Vision Balgowlah some years prior to COVID-19, and loved the welcoming and un-intimidating environment that Vision is so good at doing! This time round felt different, and my goals to loose weight, gain strength & overall wellbeing, made this decision an easy one. I was doing this for me as a mum, it's something that rarely is thought of!

The Team at Balgowlah have been amazing and so encouraging week in and week out. Roberta my trainer from day one, has been the biggest support, even in the weeks, when I felt like I wasn’t doing the best I could. She would always find a positive goal to focus on. 

The My Vision App, not something I was used to, made me realise where I was sneaking treats in the early days, and has made a huge difference in how I look at food. The classes are fantastic, and the focus on strength training has made me understand what works for me. Now 15 kg down, an achievement I never thought possible! But it can be done! It really can be a lifestyle change and feeling better about it!

Thanks Vision Balgowlah! Love you! 😊"

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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