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Amanda Tomlinson

Amanda's Transformation
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Client from Balgowlah | Trainer: Mihaela Simeonova

Before Mihaela-Before
After Mihaela-After

My Vision journey started years ago and I was probably what you could call a "slow burn" client. Initially, I only wanted one PT session a week to support me returning to exercise following surgery. Over time, my goals changed, ranging from injury recovery, to weight-loss and fitness. I tried some group training sessions and loved them, and gradually worked up to doing two PT sessions, multiple classes and even some sessions in the Studio on my own.

I've found the BioScan and goal-setting sessions really interesting and motivating and last year, did my first "mini" challenge. This was the first time I'd used the Vision app to track my food, and it completely changed the way I ate. This year, I signed up for the 9 week challenge and was so happy with my results. My trainer, Mihaela, knew exactly how to keep me on track and motivated, offering lots of guidance to help me reach my goals.

I really enjoy coming to the Studio - the trainers and other members are all so supportive and friendly. It feels like a little family. I even missed coming in when I was recently away on holiday! I can't thank Mihaela and Daniella enough for all of their encouragement, support and knowledge - I'm now able to do things I was told I'd probably never be able to do again after surgery and am fitter, healthier and stronger than I've ever been.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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