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Lachie Brown

Loving my training and feeling motivated! I have a better understanding about food.
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Client from Camberwell

Lachie Brown (after)

As a 16-year-old boy, life can get quite busy, managing school, the increase in work load and other activities outside of school, trying to fit in time for the gym can be a challenge. Previously I have been a member at a few different gyms, but I found it difficult to maintain motivation. In the past I usually started off pretty enthusiastic about going to the gym, but as time went on, I became less interested and couldn't really be bothered anymore. I got introduced to Vision from my mum, and my first thoughts were that it was a gym for older people and I wouldn't really fit in. But I thought I'd check it out anyway and give it a shot... Right away I realised that I was wrong and I instantly felt comfortable in the environment.


At Vision, I learnt so much more in 1 month than I did over an entire year at the other gyms. I received real education about food, and now I understand the importance of eating healthy. I have a better understanding about the nutritional content of foods (which I was never aware of), how to track food and why tracking is important to achieving my goals. Finding motivation isn't really a concern anymore, it's an environment you don't really want to leave. The trainers and other members are all so friendly and encouraging. The knock-on effect of being at Vision hasn't just helped me to eat and train properly, I've also seen an improvement in my time management and concentration levels when I'm studying. 


I look forward to going to Vision every day and would highly recommend you give it a go.

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