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Jay Rumph

13.5kg Lighter, Fitter and Stronger
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Client from St Leonards

Before Jay Rumph (before)
After Jay Rumph (after)

I saw an old colleague in the street one day and couldn't believe how much weight she had lost. I asked her what the secret was and she told me "Vision".

I signed up within a week but was flying out a 3-week holiday to South America in a few days. As soon as I returned I was ready to get cracking.

I had been steadily putting weight on over the last 2-3 years and gym visits became less and less frequent. I was shocked when I weighed in and the scale read over 111 kilos.

The first 9 weeks were hard. My body did struggle at first with the program. However, the results recorded each week, eating and tracking good food and the friendly atmosphere at the studio made me more determined. With this determination I lost 9.9 kilos in the first 9 weeks!

The next 9 weeks was over the Xmas break and I knew it was going to be hard. After a few bumps in the road (xmas +1kg) I was able to get back on track to shed another 4 more kilos. It feels good knowing that events like Xmas and many other obstacles have not hindered my journey.

At first all my clothes started fitting me much better. Next minute those clothes are all thrown out as they have actually become much too big. And what a great feeling that was getting rid of them.

My Trainer, Robbie (who was expertly assigned to me - a perfect match), is great at putting things into perspective and is always getting the best out of me each session. However, it wasn't just Robbie, that kept me going and made the studio a place I just wanted to be at, it was also the other trainers, the studio owner, other clients - in fact everyone.

I love the fact that the trainer keeps you accountable. This happens in 3 different ways.

  1. Weigh in each week. 
  2. Observes and adjusts food plan, with recommendations and alternatives. 
  3. Keeps an eye on weekly exercise.

These things set Vision apart from the rest. It was great to get a better understanding about food, a complete game changer for me, someone who has always been relatively active, plays squash and enjoys weight training.

The exercise has become the easy bit. Besides the weight loss of over 13.5kg, I've achieved a number of things I didn't think were possible and love smashing a Hall of Fame Challenge - over 60 push ups, a score of 9.3 on the beep test and 335m on the 1-minute row.

I enjoy the group training sessions especially because they are at set times. I was with another gym for years and would just procrastinate knowing it was open 24/7. In the end it would get too late and I would find an excuse not to go. Those set times make me accountable and Robbie would often check in to see if I am making class A or B today.

Now newly engaged I have a few new goals including beating my City to Surf personal best, that I achieved when I was 23 years old and of course look the best I can in a tux at my wedding. With the help of the Vision team at Crows Nest these goals are just a matter of time.

Finally, nothing beats running into people you haven't seen in a little bit and noticing their jaw drop! They ask "what's the secret?", "when did this happen?" and, "how much weight have you lost so far?" 

I just tell them the secret is VISION!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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