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Holly Morrison

Office to Army
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Success Story Page Header

Client from St Leonards | Trainer: Jaa Pongpanich

Before Holly-Before
After Holly-After

Prior to joining Vision, I was your typical office worker paying for a gym membership I never used and snacking constantly at my desk. I decided I needed a career change and applied to join the army, but there was no way I’d pass the fitness tests in my current condition! I knew I needed some real support to reach my goal and stay dedicated, so I decided to join Vision. Meeting the team and training with Jaa has really been life changing! Every week I’ve trained, I’ve become stronger and faster than the last. Jaa created a plan that was tailored to both army fitness standards and my personality. She pushed me to my limits and beyond, and for that I’ll be forever thankful. I’ve gone from not being able to do a single push up to squeezing out more than 20. I can deadlift 60kg, and as a bonus, I’ve also lost a total of 11 inches. If you really want to change yourself and are willing to put the work in, you can’t fail with Vision. Everyone here is cheering you on and truly has your best interests at heart. Jaa and the team have shown me what real strength is, inside and out. Best of all, I passed the ADF fitness tests and will be enlisting as a new full-time member of the Royal Australian Army. If you really want to see what you’re capable of, join Vision!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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