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Hayley Jope

15kg Healthier
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Client from St Leonards

Before Hayley Jope (before)
After Hayley Jope (after)

My journey with Vision started on the recommendation of two friends that had successfully changed their lives through Vision Personal Training.

Making that first call to Neil at Vision Crows Nest was not easy, but he made me feel so comfortable and booked me in for my first consultation.

"Here is another fitness program you are going to start and fail at" was what I was telling myself.  I had accepted I would forever be overweight and that fitness was just not something I would ever enjoy. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Yes, the first few weeks were hard and yes, there were tears (on more than one occasion) but boy has it been worth it! 

Every time you walk in to Vision Crows Nest, you are welcomed with the most warm and genuine greeting and that is most definitely the biggest differentiator over any other gym. 

With the structured personal training sessions, nutrition seminars and an awesome trainer to help guide you through, you are given absolutely every tool you need to smash any goals. 

Eight months on and I have such a healthy and positive relationship with food and genuinely enjoy preparing my meals. I found food was the key to my weight loss and the exercise was the inner strength I never knew I had. 

To anyone who is thinking of joining, just do it! Nothing beats that feeling of fitting back in to your old pair of jeans, or running around with the kids comfortably or better yet when someone you haven't seen in a while comments on how great you look.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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