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Elaine Moss

Feeling fitter, healthier & happier. 30kg weight loss over COVID
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Client from Camberwell | Trainer: Kyle Sewell

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Starting at Vision in the beginning of 2020, I was a not great state - feeling unhealthy, exhausted both emotionally and physically, the heaviest I had been in a very long time, a little embarrassed by how I had ‘let myself go’, and quite overwhelmed and lost about where to start to make a change. But start I did by making a time to step into the Vision studio to find out about what it was they could do, with me and for me.

I had noticed the studio often enough as I walked past and saw the signage and wondered why this was different to any of the other gyms but believe me it took some courage to get up the stairs to start the conversation. I am now so extraordinarily glad I did. I shut my eyes the first time I jumped on the scales and certainly didn’t want to look at the bio scan results, but with a gentle start talking me through how the macro eating plan works and the way your body responds, and introducing me to the way Vision and the trainers work, I soon learnt that accountability was key – after all no one is responsible for me but me, and if I got myself into this space I could surely get myself out and the Vision trainers were there to guide and support me along the way. So with that in mind I threw myself into the journey in mid February my journey has been typical of this year and what it has thrown at every one of us – nothing has really gone according to plan.

Since February I think I have had only a total of 10 sessions in the studio, I have had two surgeries along the way, and my mental fortitude has been tested throughout. The first shut down started in March and we all quickly adapted to outdoor and online sessions, but this is where the Vision team really came to the fore and made that a really easy transition. We were allowed back into the studio briefly in June before we were locked down again in July and online sessions were the only option, so armed with the resistance bands that were dropped to my door I have now completed the last four months of sessions online.

I have attended as many of the group sessions as I could, although to be honest they are not all for me, and have enjoyed the variety of seminars that have been on offer all of which helped break up the monotony of Melbourne’s never ending shut down.

We are now at the very exciting stage of being allowed back into the studio next week and I for one cannot wait! From not knowing a single soul when I first started, it now feels like the studio will be full of familiar and welcoming faces. I can’t wait to push even harder for the fitness results I know I can achieve. I know I am happily going to wave goodbye to this year, not because of the trials it has thrown at us all but because I am happier, healthier, and fitter than I have been in a long time and feel I have regained control of my life.

Key things I learnt along the way: Your trainer is there for you. We talked through any blocks or upcoming possible issues that may occur so I was always prepared and had well thought out strategies to get me through. If I was having a tough day (and there were a few) we skipped a session and sat and chatted instead to get me back into the right mental space to keep going. Planning and tracking my food in the app is a must. Although it takes a little time at the start of the week, it helps relieve the mental load and keeps me accountable the whole week through.

The Vision community is awesome – involve and engage yourself with it and all the opportunities it affords. I have made new friends, tried new things, and feel really well supported. After all we are all there with a common goal so who better to have in your corner? Putting the work in really does get you the results – but remember not every day is a good day and that’s okay. Get back in the game and try again tomorrow. Oh! And apparently water is good for you. Who knew?

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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