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Cathy Jones

Lost 10kgs and regained my fitness
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Client from Camberwell

Before Cathy Jones (before)
After Cathy Jones (after)


Two and a half years ago I felt super fit and healthy but ended up in hospital due to an unexplained seizure and as a result I was told to "take it easy" so I stopped exercising and replaced that time with eating. Not surprisingly the weight crept on and it didn't take long before I was buying larger sized clothes, feeling very unfit and lacking energy. I tried to return to healthier ways, but I just couldn't find the energy to remain consistent enough to see changes and I was not getting the results I hoped for. During a walking holiday I struggled to keep up with friends and I realised something had to change, but I lacked motivation and many of the gyms I tried intimidated me. Vision popped up on social media and I plucked up the courage for a "chat" not thinking for a moment I'd actually begin.

I spend a lot of time away from Melbourne and I had every excuse in the book, however when I sat and spoke with Phil he understood my situation and helped to tailor something to meet my needs. Phil and Leigh-Ann's enthusiasm is infectious and with the help and support of my trainer Nick I am achieving my goals and I feel so much better. I'm fitter, healthier and stronger. My daughter is now a client and my husband regularly attends group X-Training or Run Club with us and we have made some really great friends. We love the recipes available on the app and we've even chosen to participate in fun runs on the weekend! With Nick's help, I'm confident that I will achieve all my goals and I'm looking forward to setting new ones to stay on track for life. The Vision ethos is easy to follow, it makes sense and it worked for me when so many other things didn't.

Thanks to the team at Vision Personal Training Camberwell for helping me make positive changes to my life.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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