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Ania Mirek

6kg lost, two dress sizes down and functional knees.
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Client from St Leonards | Trainer: Robbie Mattei

Before Ania bfore
After Ania-After

Prior to joining Vision, I was recovering from an auto-immune illnesses which resulted in my weight gain, knee injury, and weakness of muscles. And, in the 6 months immediately before Vision I did have a personal trainer and attended sessions twice a week. However, I was not achieving my desired fitness and weight loss. Therefore, both my partner, Rob, and I decided that we needed to make a change in order to see a return in investment. I joined Vision Crows Nest following Rob's recommendations after he met with the Studio Manager, Neil. My first impression of the studio was positive but I still did not know completely what to expect until I met my trainer. Robbie was chosen to be my trainer by Neil and what a great decision it was! Robbie kept me motivated and held me accountable for my actions which resulted in achieving my goals, losing 6kg (2 dress sizes) and strengthening my muscles and knees. My knees are now fully functional and I am once again comfortable wearing a bikini, but most of all, I am feeling invigorated, fit and young once more. Vision Crowie is a tight, beautiful community of trainers and clients who, together with Robbie, keep me motivated to achieve my goals. There, I have created life-long habits of eating healthy and exercise to maintain my desirable weight and fitness. I cannot thank Robbie and the team enough.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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