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Tips for Training though COVID-19

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Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Stuart Perry at Bangor

Tips for Training though Covid-19

 As of the last month or so, I think it would be fair to say that everyone in one-way, shape or form has had their fitness goals either slowed down or entirely grinded to a halt. Throw Easter in there and it's easy to see why your "normal" routine may have slipped.

Although it's not all doom and gloom, it simply means we have to adjust, create a new normal and a new plan for the challenges we are encountering that we have never seen before.
The 'new norm 'is presenting us with unseen circumstances, such as:

  • The "extra" time we now have on our hands, which sometimes can make people feel less motivated as we aren't filling our days the way we did only a short 4 weeks ago.
  • The comfy couch with a side of Netflix and maybe some extra snacks.
  • Less accountability and less of a touch point from not seeing all the people we usually see face to face, including your personal trainer.
  • More anxiety or new anxiety that we have never felt before, due to the constant influx of 'doom and gloom' in the news and on social media.
  • Grieving the loss of 'normal' day to day activities which we find fulfilment in, such as going to work, having a coffee at a cafe with friends or attending the gym.

To stay on top of these new or unusual circumstances we need to realign our goals to reflect the new normal which will be different for everyone. Some people may not have had a huge change in their day to day lives whilst others have had their whole world change and turned upside down.
The way I see it, there are certain things we each need to do to help set ourselves up for success in the new normal, or to try and keep your current routine as familiar as possible.

  1. Create a Plan, a realistic one!
    Something to follow, something to be accountable to and most importantly something to judge yourself on, to tell whether you've done a good job that week or not. The scales should not be your only marker for success! Feeling overwhelmed is normal right now so setting small goals such as going for a walk for 30 minutes, 3 times a week is a great start.
  1. Prioritize what is important to you.
    This one is simple. Understand what makes you happy and gives you fulfillment and do more of that. Whilst some of our normal activities we find fulfillment in aren't available to us right now, find and explore new or old passions to keep yourself in a healthy head space. In times like these, this one tends to slip first, so it's important to know that the happiest most fulfilled version of yourself is and then it will be the most helpful to others too, so make time for yourself and fill you cup up.
  2. Stay connected.
    I know it sounds cliché but one of the most powerful parts of our training is the social side, it keeps us accountable, driven and most importantly it keeps us having fun.

If you have access to our Online Group Training Session or even an Educational Seminar, make the time for it! You will be surprised and how much fun you have and how much harder you work or the little gems of information you might be able to pick up by staying connected with like-minded people. Good things are great when shared.

In short, this uncertain time may be around for a little while yet, so we must give ourselves every chance to enjoy our training and achieve our goals and adapt. Going with the change reduces the anxiety around it.

"In a world full of uncertainty, your habits can ground you" - James Clear 

Thanks for reading, Team!

 Stay fit, healthy and happy!

Stuart Perry
Vision Personal Training Bangor


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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