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Mobility vs Stability

Mobility and Stability are like two sides to the coin, both necessary within the body. Find out the difference by reading this article by Vision PT

By Samantha Wright at Bondi Junction

Mobility and Stability are like two sides to the coin, both necessary within the body.  Stability refers to the ability to control joint movement and is determined by articulating surfaces and soft tissues. We want to have strong stable joints to reduce the risk of injury.  Joint Mobility refers to the degree which an articulation (where two bones meet) can move freely without being restricted by surrounding soft tissue, joints, ligaments and connective tissue. Simply, it's your ability to move around. Keep in mind, that everybody has slightly different bone structure, and your Range of Motion will be greatly dictated by this. There is an inverse relationship between stability and mobility, as you decrease stability, your mobility improves and vice versa. Throughout your body, there will generally be areas that have a limited range of motion, these areas you'll need to mobilize. As well as joints that are significantly more mobile, that you'll need to work to stabilize.


Optimal mobility/stability will depend on your lifestyle. Think about it like this, you want to be able to go about your everyday life without experiencing pain or discomfort. When you reach over your shoulder to scratch your back, bend down to tie your shoes, or reach high into a cupboard in the kitchen you do not want to experience pain. Stable joints will keep you protected, and in the event of a fall, minimize the risk of things such as joint dislocation.


At the beginning of our lives, as babies we are extremely mobile with very little stability, and as we grow and experience life, we generally end up at the other end of the spectrum, with stiff, achy joints and poor mobility. Injuries, excess weight, repetitive movement, work or sport that causes you to become dominant on one side, as well as hydration levels will all affect your mobility or lack thereof.


So, why does any of this matter?


At the end of the day, we want to have strong mobile bodies that allow us to live life to the fullest, to continue to enjoy the activities we love and keep up with our families and friends. The resistance work that you do in the Studio is helping to create strong, stable joints, and by working through a comfortable range of motion with each movement you will also improve your mobility. Join us for our 30 minute Revive Classes on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm to improve your mobility!


We look forward to seeing you there.



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