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5 benefits of weight training

Unlock the myriad benefits of weight training for a healthier, stronger you!

By Kaillum Key, PT Trainer at Wollongong

Weight training can feel intimidating at first, but it's a fantastic form of exercise used in almost every realm of physical performance. Whether you're aiming to shed 5kg or compete as an Olympic athlete, it plays a vital role. Don’t freak out, we aren’t talking about looking like a 100kg bodybuilder. We are however talking about keeping what you already have and perhaps getting a little more.

Let's explore 5 key benefits that everyday individuals can experience from regular weight training. There's certainly more, but these are some of the best!

1. Stronger metabolism:

Muscle mass is linked to a strong metabolism, the more we have, the more energy we can consume and use effectively, and the more energy we burn while resting. This is a long-term benefit, but it really is a great one. Think of it this way, people who have trained with weights for a few years don’t seem to fluctuate with weight as much. This is because their base energy-burning ability is higher than someone who doesn’t do resistance training.

2. Increase in bone density:

This one is especially important as we age. Weight training helps keep our bones strong for longer, so when we are older and have a fall, the risk of fracturing a bone is reduced. It isn’t eliminated but it definitely puts things more in your favour. It also reduces the risk of osteoarthritis and pyrosis, and if you already have these, weight training can help manage them.

3. Increase confidence and self-esteem:

Now this one is much more individual and will vary from person to person, however, doing regular exercise is great for mental health. It’s been proven beyond a doubt and in some cases is considered more impactful than medication! But why weight training specifically in this article? Well, this is more anecdote, but after working with clients for over 10 years, the difference we see in members beyond the physical is more of a transformation than weight loss. Sometimes it's like they are a whole new person.

4. Strength (the obvious one):

This doesn’t mean you have to lift a car. Daily/ functional strength is what we are talking about. Everything from lifting your child off the floor to moving bricks at work. The stronger you are, the more capable you are for any physical demands that come your way.

5. Overall reduction in injury risk:

This one is quite underrated for a lot of people. Strength training has been found (repeatedly) to reduce the risk of injury in amateur and professional sports, as well as runners and swimmers. The needs may become more specific but the benefits are still 100% there. Weight training increases the load that our muscles, ligaments and tendons are able to endure, allowing us to push the limits of what we can do or just perform these activities with more safety.

a specific reason that weight loss wasn’t on this list. Weight training is fantastic to help in the weight loss process, in fact, it has been shown to have a greater effect on calorie burn post-exercise than cardio. But the point of this short article is to show that weight training should be done by everyone, regardless of your health and fitness goals. We don’t all need to be doing the same form of weight training, or the same program, but the benefits across the board will positively affect all of us in some way. It truly is a fountain of youth and longevity, so if you

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