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Samantha Connelly

Vision helped me beat obesity
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Client from Pyrmont

Before Samantha Connelly (before)
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Vision helped me beat obesity

I started my weight loss journey before walking in the door at Vision. It started when I had weight loss surgery in October last year, I was concerned with the long term health risks associated with obesity. I started at 127 kg, I had good progress until I got around the 100kg mark and it plateaued around December/January. Must have been all of the Christmas parties. A new year, a new job and a new me, I wanted to make sure I stayed on track to beating obesity so I walked into my nearest Vision studio late January. I weighed in at 97 kg. My last weigh in at the start of July was at 78.8 kg and it now means I have officially beaten obesity. Vision's support has helped me to stay on track with achieving my goals. I have lost a total of 48kg.

The team at Vision are amazing. I love the community feel. All of the Trainers will know you by name. They care about constantly learning, and will hold regular workshops for training purposes. Sometimes they invited me to be the Guest Speaker at the seminar. I speak about my struggles with depression. The Trainers and clients are a very supportive group, they are supportive of my weight loss story. My weight loss and exercise regime has helped me keep some of my depressive symptoms at bay.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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