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Peppy Townsend

Change comes from within
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Client from Sylvania

Before Peppy Townsend (before)
After Peppy Townsend (after)

I've always been a fairly active person but was struck with a serious health issue 5 years ago and could have died but I'm here today, stronger in more ways than one. The weight piled on through inactivity and poor food choices made things worse. I needed help and tried various gyms but I needed something more. So in my pursuit for health and fitness I discovered "Vision Personal Training" a training environment second to none. One of the major difference at Vision Personal Training is the helpful food diary app. It keeps you honest and helps you stay on track.

I started my journey on a 9-week challenge after a free two-week trial but in my head I knew it needed to be a lifetime change. "Change comes from within" and I was ready for change. Jodie, my Personal Trainer helped me with my program, I lost 5 kgs and centimetres by the end of the challenge. This inspired me to keep going, to reach my goal plus the fact that I was feeling good. 

With the help and support of my current Personal Trainer Matt, I have now lost another 5kgs, so a whooping 10kgs in total. All the other Personal Trainers played a big part in my success and I couldn't have done it without their continuous encouragement and motivation. At Vision Personal Training, I am surrounded by many supportive likeminded people with goals similar to mine.

Thank you Vision Personal Training for all that you are. My journey continues ...

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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