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David West

Stronger, fitter, leaner, I know we hear it all the time, but I cannot believe how much difference it does make in reality!
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Client from Sylvania | Trainer: Kate Hanrahan

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Your Motivation: What inspired you to start your health and fitness journey, and why did you choose Vision Personal Training Sylvania?

I have had a long battle with a faulty sinus node in my heart, which has resulted in 27 Cardio versions! To date. After an incident May 23 my Cardiologist, (DR Robert Smith), looked at me sheepishly and said “Dave I think we need to look at your weight” in which I replied why Rob “I’m fine, I exercise nearly every day!” Rob, “then let’s jump on scales!” I jumped on the scales and nearly had a heart attack in his rooms! (Which would of course been the safest place to do it) and to my utter surprise I was a whopping 134kg. Rob, “Dave you really should be around the 110-115kg mark”.  I left his surgery promising myself and Rob that I would embark on a major weight loss program.

Of course, as a 59 yr. old male I of course knew better and so I started exercising daily. I cannot run or walk due to dodgy knees, so I got on my mountain bike and stated pumping out 10-15kms a day! I did that for month, jumped back on the scales and I was 135kg! Bloody hell! I had gone up in weight instead of down. Well, I got that completely wrong… so at that time my good buddy Jason O, was already at Vision Sylvania so he offered me a 2-week free trial. I thought what the heck, I really do need help. So, I took the 2-week trial to see if it was for me. I had never been a gym fan; in fact, I hated it with a passion. The precocious jerks in front of mirrors with everyone watching “Look at me, Look at me”

So, I started Vision with a preconceived idea! Gym is not for me….

But boy I could not have been more wrong!


Your Journey: Describe the specific goals you set for yourself, and the steps you took to achieve them. Share any obstacles you faced along the way.

After my 2-week trial I was assigned to a PT Chris Lee. Chris has been a great inspiration and role model for me, he has also become a good friend and mentor. Chris on our 1st goal setting session said to me what type of person was I? Do I commit once I start? I said to him that you set me on the right path and I am all in! Whistle and all!

We did a weigh in and already I had lost 2kg in the first 2 weeks. So, my base in my original scan was 132kg but I really started at 134kg. Forward to March 2024 at a mere 106.5kg it has been a 28kg weight loss and personnel life changing journey.

The nutrition coaching, the goal setting, the accountability and sustainability is something I don’t believe can be gained any other way. I am humbled, grateful and completely engrossed in my transformation. I look forward every week to my gym sessions and find the nutrition setting and food management fun, sustainable and healthy.

My biggest challenge initially was food, my whole life revolved around what, when and how much I could eat! Probably from my young professional athlete days when I could eat anything and didn’t need to worry.

I’m heard to say quite regularly to anyone who listens, “Don’t listen to your Mum! Listen to your PT and the science works!” Mum always lied to us and told us eat 3 meals a day or its bad for you. Well sorry Mum you couldn’t have been more wrong.

Having Chris set a calorie deficient diet, where I could measure daily intake via the 3 major macronutrients was a massive help, albeit it takes a few months of experimentation to really understand what to eat. A good start is to use something like Mr Muscle Chef pre-packaged meals especially for lunches. I find breakfast easy and still do, I love scrambled eggs, avocado’s, oats, Greek yoghurt etc. I can and still eat a good breakfast. Snacking was the next big challenge, followed by the evening meals.

Thankfully Karen, my wife got into the program because now we really eat healthy meals with lots of veggies, high protein, with low carb and fats.

Once you get to know the program it all becomes 2nd nature and even when I go out for meals, I can still eat healthy by selecting good options.

Really nothing is off the table it just might mean you have to give up something else. I did and still have taken alcohol completely out of my diet, and do I miss it not really at all. It is quite scary how much emphasis from the social aspect revolves around alcohol consumption.

The MyVision App is a big bonus when first starting as it has meal options, meal planning etc. To be honest now I don’t really use it much, I just to check sometimes if I am not sure as its scanning is a great bonus.

Still my biggest problem is protein at the time of writing. I still struggle to hit the mark for my daily protein intake. Chris my Legendary PT put me onto “Muscle Nation Protein Water” and this has been a godsend! 30grams or protein mixed in with water!

I have really bad knees and so struggle to run or walk. So doing steps and step challenges does not work for me. So, I use my MT Bike to get my cardio. It works a treat! So, it goes to show it does not matter the type of cardio as long as you are doing it.


Your Results: Highlight the remarkable changes you've experienced, whether it's weight loss, increased strength, improved health, or newfound confidence.

Stronger, fitter, leaner, I know we hear it all the time, but I cannot believe how much difference it does make in reality! I get up each day looking forward to my exercise regime. I play basketball and the difference up and down the court now with 28kgs less if so significant, I can’t stress the fun of it now. To look back at the progress photos and see where I have come from is incredible. I use to stay away from mirrors cause in my mind I was embarrassed that I had gotten so large.

The Vision PT environment is probably one of my biggest motivators. From the moment I walk to the end of my shift, is a fun, encompassing, engaging environment, everyone is happy and joyous, if you are around when the bell rings, you will certainly hear me as I make sure everyone hears the incredible feat it takes to ring that bell! It should loud and joyous and let all around know why. I love walking to the hi’s and hand shaking, the hi 5’s and special handshakes if you are lucky enough to have one. It’s so much more than I expected and have experienced from other gyms. I congratulate the team at Sylvania for trying to make the feeling and environment so much fun!


Your Experience: Share your experience training at Vision Personal Training Sylvania. What do you love about our facility, trainers, and the support you've received?

So HUGE Thankyou to the team at Vision Sylvania! The environment is so defining, it has made the whole journey such an amazing experience for me, I know I am loud and boisterous especially when the bell is rung, but they all take this in their stride and continue to encourage, push us, we have some great banter making it all so much fun.

Chris Lee, my friend, Mentor and an absolute inspiration THANKYOU for changing my life. Champion!


Your Advice: Offer words of wisdom and encouragement to those who are considering starting their fitness journey or facing challenges on their path.

My Advice is “Don’t listen to mum! Listen to your PT and the science works” Look we all now what to do. Eat less exercise more! But how do you do that, stay accountable and set the goals for success? This is where it is lost with Diet’s and going to the Gym by yourself.

Look Vision PT is not cheap! But for me the return is way beyond what I expected so the cost becomes negligible!

Try it and if it’s not for you, then they are all very understanding! But if you really are determined anything is possible.

Go Team Vision.

My Best Regards David West

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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