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Emily Leckie

Transforming my life with Vision Personal Training
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Client from Sylvania | Trainer: Kate Hanrahan

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I joined Vision Sylvania just over a year ago, my reason for reaching out was that multiple members of my family had success with Vision and I was feeling I needed to make some changes to my body shape, weight and my strength. I had gone through two partial knee replacements in the 5 years leading up to joining Vision where my leg strength was very poor, due to a severe osteoarthritis condition where I regularly could not walk at all. My goals were to lose 10kg, be strong enough to walk long distances on the soft sand, bush walk with my Dad on our family holiday to Lord Howe Island, and cycle a longer distance than 10km (with my knees that was the only exercise I could do), and to be confident in my own body again.

I have achieved all the above, leg pressing 25 kg when starting and now 150 kg, cycling 30km, bush walking and sand walking are now not an issue. I regularly have people comment on my fitness and body shape which I still feel shocked anyone else notices. I attribute my success to the commitment of my trainers Kayla and Kate, the Vision Sylvania family and the structure of their “recipe for success”.

I didn’t ever think I would feel confident to join group classes as I didn’t understand the different pieces of equipment, I also didn’t think I would make friends there which I certainly have - particularly our small challenge group we call “Just do it”! This is my motto for fitness - steps, nutrition and exercise commitment.

I am so grateful to Nathan, Jack, Kate and the team for the atmosphere and community that they have created at Sylvania Vision, my advice to anyone thinking about a gym would be to give this gym and personal training a go as it’s a proven recipe for success. Thanks, Kayla and Kate for training me, our personalities gel so well and you know how to push me just enough.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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