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Paula Dunn

My body shape was transforming as well, I was slimming down, toning up.
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Client from Stanmore

Before Paula Dunn (before)
After Paula Dunn (after)

I've always been plagued with chronic illnesses most of my life, when I turned 35 in January 2011 I was overweight. In the previous 2 years I spent around $10,000 in medical expenses. At that time, I weighed in at just over 75kg with my height of 168cm. I was wearing size 16 clothes. I felt tired all the time and lacked energy and my zest for life.  In January of the same year I got engaged.  This was my turning point, I needed to lose weight and take better care of my health. 

For over a decade I tried out different Gyms and different diet plans but the lack of personal attention and interest in my well-being left me demotivated and out of pocket. The only thing getting lighter was my purse. I took a chance and turned to Vision Personal Training in Stanmore.  The convenience of the gym being within walking distance to my house was a plus.  In addition, I liked the friendly atmosphere the second I walked in the door, being greeted by all the trainers and not feeling like I didn't belong.  I loved the one on one personal attention that my trainer provided, setting my goals at the beginning of every 9 weeks, tailoring the weights program to my abilities and working through the weekly food diary and gaining valuable insight to my nutrition.  My initial goal was that if I could at least lose 5kg before my wedding I'd be happy.  In 10 months I ended up losing 16kg!  This was amazing to me as I'd never found a diet or gym that gave me such dramatic results!!  It was crazy....but it worked. 

At first it was challenging for me, sticking to a meal plan, counting every macro and increasing my weights and cardio. I felt that I was being deprived especially seeing everyone else around me eating and drinking and looking "Happy".  But then after the first few months my clothes were feeling looser and I actually had lost a few Kg.  This created the motivation I needed and inspiration to keep on going, it was working.  My body shape was transforming as well, I was slimming down, toning up.

On the day of my wedding I weighed a mere 57Kg and felt great! In addition, my medical expenses were non-existent, some of my chronic illnesses that had plagued me for years disappeared.  The medications I was taking was stopped as I didn't need them anymore.  I had more energy to combat the day, my stress levels decreased.  I've been continuing my journey of self-fulfilment at Vision Personal Training - Stanmore ever since!  They are like family...........

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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