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Kyle Hurst

Use it or lose it!
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Client from Stanmore

Kyle Hurst (after)

I started with Vision Personal Training 12 years ago, having never walked into a gym before, this was at Vision Caringbah before the brand franchised out. My then dedicated Trainers have gone on to open their own franchised studios of Vision Personal Training as did my wife Jo, who opened Vision Stanmore back in 2008 when personal training was in its infancy.

I have had many amazing Trainers guide me over the years and keep me accountable to the systems Vision has on offer and while I am no spring chicken anymore I am able to maintain a healthy body and give my kids a run for their money!

The Vision Stanmore Community has given me the opportunity to join in Fun Runs, complete Triathlons and an ocean swim event, so many Sydney Bridge Runs and a Half Marathon. All events I would never do on my own. When I open my bedside draw it is bursting with medals and bibs to remind me of my achievements.

The strength and fitness that I have kept through doing weights, group sessions and watching what I put in my mouth enable me to do the things I love doing like surfing, bike riding, snow skiing, and twilight sailing. Some of these activities have taken me travelling... another passion of mine. Tick!

If you have read this note then take away this message from a grown up... Use it or lose it!

Enjoy your journey with Vision. Kyle


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