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Kyllie Alilovic

Conquered Emotional Eating!
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Stanmore

Before Kyllie Alilovic (before)
After Kyllie Alilovic (after)

Since joining Vision Personal Training back in 2009 my life has changed in many ways. Not only to fulfil my life goal of accomplishing weight control, my journey with Vision Personal Training has taught me how to eat properly and manage the bad thoughts and behaviours of my emotional eating disorder which has challenged me for over 30 years. 

Vision Personal Training taught me that eating 5-6 times a day was okay. One of my biggest challenges was to eat every 3 hours. I found exercising 2 times a week for only 30 mins suited my lifestyle and made me happy and accountable. 

Without Vision Personal Training techniques on exercise, and help to manage accountability for eating, I wouldn't be the happy, grateful and positive person I am today. 

Thank you Vision

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