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Michelle Druery

" I'm eating well, exercising regularly, I've made some new friends and I'm feeling great!"
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Client from Sylvania

Before Michelle Druery (before)
After Michelle Druery (after)

After some encouragement from a friend to join the Vision Sylvania community, I started my journey in May 2018. I had let myself go for the past 12-18 months eating whatever I wanted and not exercising. I felt terrible and I knew I needed to do something about it. Since having children, my weight has yoyo'd 10-15kgs but I usually managed to curb my ways, not letting it get out of control, until now!

I have had success in the past using other weight loss programs and applications so I knew I had the discipline to achieve my goals, I just needed to have the right people around me and be accountable to someone. The first time I walked into the studio I was pleasantly surprised by the "normality" of the staff and clients, there was a friendly and accommodating vibe which I straight away knew was the right place for me. I met with my trainer - Matt Grant as suggested by my "encouraging friend" and I couldn't be happier.

My first long-term goal is a 15kg weight loss to be reached by Christmas and I'm proud to say we are well and truly on track being 11 kilograms lighter. My patience and perseverance have been tested along the way but Matt's knowledge of health and fitness, his patience, encouragement and the fact that he's a stickler for correct technique has so far been exactly what I needed and wanted. The encouragement to succeed has also come from all staff in the studio as well as the wider Vision community, what great support! I've also enjoyed the group classes, seminars, shopping tours, VVT and of course the cardio challenges, I've used them all.

I'm eating well, exercising regularly, I've made some new friends, and I'm feeling great. I hope these lifestyle changes can continue to help set a positive example for my friends and family. However, stay tuned! I'm not done yet!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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