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Marlena Anastasi

Injury free training and overall a positive lifestyle change
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Client from Surry Hills

Marlena Anastasi (after)


A very big thank you to the team at Vision Surry Hills for always making me feel welcome and for your guidance and support throughout my time at Vision; you guys rock!!

Joining Vision Surry Hills was by far and still the best decision I have ever made.  I have achieved thigs that I never thought possible (such as the 7km Sun Run, conquering True Grit and even doing a proper push up!).  Who would have thought that training could be so much fun?!

I have worked up an appetite for boxing, have made some incredible new friends and have also had the privilege to train with some of the most incredible, passionate and mind blowing Trainers in the industry, in particular the beautiful and all inspiring Karen (Kaz)!!

Despite suffering a wrist injury outside of the Studio, Kaz was quick to change my program to ensure that my wrist healed in a timely manner whilst still ensuring that I got the desired workout through this time.  Kaz also played an instrumental part in my recovery.  She was and is extremely patient and very supportive and still continues to motivate me on a daily basis!!



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