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Kim King

I've found a place where everyone knows you and says "Hi" whenever you come in!
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Client from Sylvania

Before Kim King (before)
After Kim King (after)

Small things may seem unimportant, but sometimes they signal the milestones that define us.

Small things are what Vision does so well. From completing a five km fun run in record time (for me!!!) without a trainer pushing all the way or having the courage to step on/off the moving treadmill in the studio or even mastering the perfect squat -these are small things to many but major milestones in my fitness and personal growth journey.

I've found a place where everyone knows you and says 'hi' whenever you come in. Where it doesn't matter if you are the slowest-people genuinely appreciate your effort and are still there at the end to cheer you on. I've found a place where I've made some true friends that I love spending time with, either during group classes or at coffee afterwards. Do I love exercise? -NO! (and I probably never will).

But I love doing it at our studio with my gym buddies. But most of all I have found an amazing trainer in Jack Caffyn. My 'Iron Man'. Jack gets me to do things like lifting weights that I never thought would be possible and running further than my brain tells me I can. How? -through his eternal patience and encouragement and his belief in me. Together I have confidence we will get there…one small step at a time.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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